During the Revolutionary War, Only 3% of the Population Fought

HUFF POST | 80% of Adults in U.S. Face Near Poverty, Unemployment| 28 JUL 2013
HUFF POST | Trust in Government? Poll Finds Nearly 80% of Americans Don’t | 19 APR 2010
OF LABOR STATISTICS | Twenty Percent of American Households Remain Unemployed | 25 APR 2014
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WIKILEAKS | US Cable: 1400 Detainees Held in Inhumane Conditions, Anal Rape of Children, Men Hung from Bloody Hooks | 29 APR 2014
MILITIA NEWS | Nearly 30% of Americans Advocate Armed Rebellion | 16 APR 2014
RT | 30% of Americans Advocate for an Armed Rebellion | 3 MAY 2013
WIKILEAKS/PBS | NSA Bribed 80 Corporations Including Intel, CISCO, IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, AT&T, Qualcom | 14 MAY 2014
WIKILEAKS | Secret Cable: US Purposefully Provoked Russia on Ukraine | 14 MAY 2014

18 U.S. Code § 2385
They already
fired the first shot.
Now, it’s self-defense.


Bankers continue with their
Political/Treasury/Banker/Federal Reserve Corporation Debt-Based Monetary System Currency Scam
hoping nobody fights the scam while Americans fight each other.

all the Banksters’ men …

Billionaire George Soros Behind Fraudulent Revolution

244 WikiLeaks Documents on #Bilderberg

FORBES | How the U.S. Military Would Crush a Tea Party Rebellion | 15 NOV 2013


In case you didn’t notice, DC is occupied by banksters, corrupt politicians, corporations and their soldiers.

Washington, DC | 400 Climate Activists Arrested | 2 MAR 2014

 flag003PHASE I – Beginning 4/4/14

Forget the 32-year Washington, DC “occupation” aka Peace Vigil Tent at The White House with Concepcion Picciotto.  Kudos to Connie for her brave 32 years and for the legacy she’ll leave behind; but, no wonder DC isn’t occupied.  Click here to see why.
Secret Service may finally get their way tearing down the Vigil tent; but, that may be just what the revolution doctor ordered opening the door to other activists who have for decades been turned away.  It’s going to take change to change the reason why DC activists have completely failed the world by not organizing mass mobilization on the streets of Washington, DC.  While residents need to be woken out of a coma, activists need defibrilation and coordination:  but mostly, unity.  Both residents and activists alike are generally either numb, dumb, controlled, too controlling, divided or don’t know how to start much less promote mass mobilization.
WORD TO ACTIVISTS:  Take all your causes and all your organizers and start one mass mobilization or continue in the grips of tyranny and failure.  You can either spend your life catching the blood of victims, or you can go after the murderers.  Have all the one-day protests for every cause in the world for another century; but, it’s a losing battle until The People take a face-to-face stand refusing to leave The White House until the Political/Treasury/Banker/Federal Reserve Corporation Debt-Based Monetary Currency Scam is dismantled.
If you think corrupt Congressmen and Senators will act upon anything you say, you’re wrong.  Keep reading the dozens of recent articles below about corruption in DC and across America.  What we need is a roundtable with representation from all activist groups with one agenda of mass mobilization.  Politics has not led our country to financial freedom nor advanced our civil rights; so, stop with all the nonsense of fighting it out in politics, because it’s the Banksters who run organized crime through the CIA that control both political parties, corporations and mass media.
Now, if you really want to make a difference, stand up and take back the 20 million vacant homes in America that the Banksters stole.  Occupy, squat, refuse to leave and band with your neighbors to keep what the bankers stole from America. While you’re at it: refuse to pay another penny of income tax to the same bankers who started that tax when they started that same Federal Reserve Corporation scam, cuz it all ends up in their pockets.


flag003PHASE II – April 22 – 27, 2014

Cowboys and Indians


flag003PHASE III – Beginning May 1, 2014

Occupy DC Reconnect



flag003PHASE IV – Beginning May 16, 2014

Anonomobile exposed Operation American Spring as Department of Defense Intelligence.

blue_lineflag003PHASE V – Beginning May 23, 2014

Rolling Thunder Run:  1,000,000 Motorcycles
Anonomobile was the Caboose !!!

Resurrecting the Constitution “America United”


Contrary to #WaveofAction.org and .com, the buck doesn’t stop here.
Forget them, cuz they turned into an invite-only dating site.

See:  WaveOfAction.net

flag003PHASE VI – July 4, 2014

Operation Take Back Your Houses or Choose from 20 Million
Operation Refuse to Pay Income Tax Which Was Unnecessary Until
The Political/Treasury/Banker/Federal Reserve Corporation Debt-Based Monetary Currency Scam Began


flag003PHASE VII – August 5, 2014

Join Christine Ann Sands on the streets of Washington, DC to overthrow the United States Government.

SALON | “We are in great danger”: Ex-banker details how mega-banks destroyed America | 15 APR 2014
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ST. LOUIS | Occupy St. Louis Protester Acquitted of Assault After Alleging Police Brutality | 2 APR 2014

VOICE OF RUSSIA | 9/11 Truth “Hacktivists” Plan to Join Occupy DC Movement in Spring 2014 |12 FEB 2014
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YAHOO NEWS | US Iraq vet gets $4.5 million for Occupy injuries | 21 MAR 2014
POPULAR RESISTANCE | Tech Firm Predicts Occupy on a Larger Scale | 29 DEC 2013
NY DAILY NEWS | Freedom! Barricade Around Wall Street ‘Charging Bull’ Comes Down | 26 MAR 2014

Who Owns the U.S. Government

How convenient that the guy who “took down the twin towers” on 9/11 has a dad who is now building the largest building in the world. Yeah, that would be the CIA-trained Osama.  We never saw Osama’s body, and we never saw the plane hit the Pentagon or the plane wreckage.   Oh, they forgot to tell you they own CNN.  Did you see the NY Post article how our U.S. gov covered up the Saudi involvement in 9/11?  Wonder where all the whistleblowers are for that inside job:  look for them in Guantanamo.   


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REUTERS | Pentagon’s Doctored Ledgers Conceal Epic Waste | 18 NOV 2013
NY DAILY NEWS | Ex-ethics commission member “Cases of potential government corruption need review” | 2 MAY 2014 

THE WASHINGTON TIMES | Lax Guidance Feeds Afghan Corruption; Report Says Billions in Aid Wasted | 2 APR 2014
CBS NEWS | Nearly 90 Percent Say Illinois, Chicago Government Is Corrupt | 31 MAR 2014
CBS NEWS | California State Sen. Leland Yee Arrested on Bribery, Arms Dealing Charges | 26 MAR 2014
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LOS ANGELES TIMES | Former Bell Official Angela Spaccia Gets 11 Years, 8 Months in Prison | 10 APR 2014

U.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT | Majority of Americans Say Corruption Has Increased | 10 JUL 2013
RT | UK Threatened to Shut Down Guardian for Printing Snowden Leaks| 28 MAR 2014
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GUARDIAN | NSA Performed Warrantless Searches on Americans’ Calls and Emails – Clapper | 1 APR 2014

Now that you’ve seen The People REVOLT in Tunisia, Turkey, Spain, Egypt, Brazil and the Ukraine, tell me what will happen on the streets of Washington, DC?  How badly do you want to stop them from sending your children to war and stealing most everything you have while taking away your privacy and freedom?

NEW YORK POST | Inside the Saudi 9/11 Cover up | 15 DEC 2013


VETERANS TODAY | Former Governor and Navy Seal Jesse Ventura Calls for American Revolution | 25 NOV 2013

Click to View Substantiating Evidence

One year ago one-third of Americans believed
an armed revolution against the U.S. government would soon be necessary.

“Democracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention; have ever been found incompatible with personal security or the rights of property; and have in general been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their death.” James Madison

VETERANS TODAY | Democracy’s Violent Death | 21 AUG 2011

Maybe DC Just Needs a Sheriff


Words for the Revolution


Disclaimer:  The Author of This Site Does Not Advocate Violence